The MBA masters’ degree is such a prestigious degree that has high value in our society, but it also comes with some myths. These myriad of myths just makes MBA seem like an unattainable fantasy, but we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what your background or financial status,you can walk out with an MBA certificate and change your career completely. So, let’s do some myth busting, shall we?

Myth #1: You need commerce background: This is probably one of the most common myths out there about MBA. MBA is a management course that focuses on business administration and literally every industry is a business. In fact, most of the engineering graduates apply for a MBA rather than MTech. Engineers with a MBA degree move on to secure managerial positions in technological firms. The MBA course is a professional course that is tailored to train students are optimising their teamwork, problem solving and other soft skills required to supervise a company’s performance.

Myth #2: CAT/KMAT exams are tough: CAT/ KMAT are central and state exams to test the aptitude of the students to apply for MBA or other masters’ programmes in India or Kerala. However, students are made to believe they are extremely tough and nearly impossible to crack. The questions asked in these exams are from basically from what students have learnt during their school and college years and does not require very advanced learning of new subjects. These exams have different parts questions in critical thinking, English language etc and are just as easy to score a good grade with a couple of months of hard work.

Myth #3: MBA is expensive: Although there are universities and colleges that charge and exponent amount for MBA course, there are several high ranked and renowned MBA colleges in Thrissur and Kerala that offer MBA courses without draining out your bank account. And, MBA courses can end up giving you benefits and a worthwhile career that in itself can reimburse your course fees in multi-folds. Some colleges even offer scholarships, bursaries and financial aid to support students cover their education.

Myth #4: MBA is difficult/tough: Granted that nothing in life is easy, but MBA should be least of your worries. The 2 year course gives you theoretical and practical insights and knowledge into the business and management environment. It includes assignments, group projects, presentations, other soft skills training to prepare you for the job market. The MBA course is more practical than theoretical knowledge. Although the first year mainly focuses on theoretical learning, it is merely an introduction that familiarises you with the business administration.

Myth #5: You need work experience to take MBA: Most degree graduates fear that they may not be eligible for a MBA course since they do not have any work experience as it is one of the requirements in some universities and colleges. However, nowadays some of the best management colleges in Kerala offer MBA courses to graduates.

So there you have it young aspirants. Now that we have got all that cleared out for you, we hope your dream of pursuing a MBA masters’ has become a little more of a reality than a hoax. Good luck champs!

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