MBA has been one of the most popular master’s programme around the world for decades now and part of the reason is because it still prevails as the best masters’ degree that can help just about anyone grow in their career. MBA can also help an individual change careers without sacrificing the time lost on past profession and as always the top of the list reason being that MBA graduates earn the big bucks. MBA graduates have a plethora of career opportunities in the job market in and we are going to look at some of the best or popular career path graduates opt for after graduation.

  • Marketing: Marketing is one of the fundamental parts of getting more business in any corporate. And for that same reason, marketing managers or subcategory professionals in sales, advertising and so on are the last to get laid off in case of a business crisis. Marketing professionals could be working to promote goods or services and hence, have infinite job opportunities spanning across various industries from IT to hospitality.
  • Management Consultancy: Management consultants study, plan and implement strategies that aim at improving the operations and functioning of any company to optimise productivity. This path is particularly chosen by most MBA graduates and comes with a different lifestyle and requires professionals to travel when needed. Normally, consultants take up projects that last for as little as a couple of months or as long as a year.
  • Finance: Jobs in finance, mostly investment banking are considered to be some of the highest paying jobs in the banking sector. Banks like Citi Bank, HDFC etc are some of the top banks that recruit MBA graduates. Although some without sufficient experience start off in junior level positions, secure handsome salary packages are able to move up the career ladder with sufficient work experience.
  • Operations/Supply Chain Management: Although not as glamorous as the other careers, these professions are highly demanded in the job market. Especially in IT production companies, operations managers are a necessity as they overlook and supervise production and quality control of the products. Supply Chain Managers are recruited by huge wholesale and retailers to map out distribution of the products. These professions are especially popular and in demand for in developed countries like the US, UK, China, etc as well.
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development: Most aspiring graduates look forward to starting a business of their own. In a competitive world like todays’, having a business is the dream to work towards as business owners have a completely different schedule and the world changing every day, there is always room for innovation. Especially as India is predicted to dominate the world in the coming years, an increasing number of NRIs are fleeting back to India to start small businesses. India being a highly populated country, businesses have a larger target audience and new firms and companies are sure to flourish in the country. Business Development professionals are responsible for services or product innovation and development in companies like Apple, IBM, MRF etc. Business development and entrepreneurship go hand in hand and are meant for the creative minds.

And that’s the 5 most popular career paths for MBA graduates that guarantees a successful career. Despite the list, MBA holders no matter the career they choose, are more likely to succeed than any other masters’ degree holders. If you are still worried about your post-MBA life, some of the best MBA colleges in Kerala have high placement rates in huge companies that can give you the kick-start your career needs.  So, don’t you worry if what you had in mind was not on our list.

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