Our MBA Specializations

  • MAR 1 Marketing Research Management
  • MAR 2 Product Management
  • MAR 3 Brand Management
  • MAR 4 Consumer Behavior Management
  • MAR 5 Advertising and Sales Promotion Management
  • MAR 6 Sales Management
  • MAR 7 International Marketing Management
  • MAR 9 Service Marketing Management
  • MAR 10 Retail Management                                                                                                                                                                                                           This course provides introduction to all aspects of marketing, including strategic marketing, marketing research, product planning and development, promotion planning, distribution and pricing. Students of Marketing are offered exciting, challenging, and rewarding career opportunities in the areas of public relations, product development, brand management, advertising, sales management, distribution management, logistics and supply chain management, marketing research, MIS, media planning, export management, international marketing, etc.
  • FIN 1 Strategic Financial Management
  • FIN 2 International Finance Management
  • FIN 3 Forex Management
  • FIN4 Risk Management and Derivatives Management
  • FIN 5 Corporate Taxation Management
  • FIN 6 Financial Services Management
  • FIN 7 Behavioral finance Management
  • FIN 8 Treasury Management

    Finance is the study of how individuals and firms allocate resources through time. This course is designed to build an understanding of financial concepts such as portfolio management, corporate valuation, securities valuation and pricing, capital structure, dividend policy, liquidity management, derivatives and risk management etc. We have meticulously crafted our syllabus as per the requirements of the industry and have industry certifications and webinars.

  • HRM 1 Human Resource Planning and Development Management
  • HRM 2 Management of Industrial Relations Management
  • HRM 3 Organizational Development and Change Management
  • HRM 4 Global Human Resource management
  • HRM 5 Management Training and Development Management
  • HRM 6 Performance Management

Human Resource Management is concerned with managing people within an organization to create value for the organization and positive work experiences for the individuals. Most successful organizations claim that people are their most important asset and that the effective management of human resources is central to their business strategy. This has led to an increase in human resource management jobs both in the country and abroad.

  • IBS 1 Strategic Financial Management
  • IBS 2 International Finance Management
  • IBS 3 International Marketing Management
  • IBS 4 Global Human Resource Management
  • IBS 5 Forex management
  • ISB 6 E-Commerce

This course provides insights on the tools and practices that help to identify and interpret international business opportunities. The students learn the theory related to international trade, the factors that influence internationalization and the strategies of global operations such as exporting, licensing, joint-ventures etc. They also learn the tools and techniques to manage and evaluate risks and changes of international operations and trade practices.

  • SYS I Systems Analysis and Design Management
  • SYS 2 Data Base Management Systems Management
  • SYS 3 Electronic Commerce Management
  • SYS 4 Enterprise Resource Planning Management
  • SYS 5 Business Process Re engineering