Our Teaching Pedagogy

ELIMS has experience of over a decade in MBA education has developed a unique teaching pedagogy to enable its students to transform it into an intellectual professional. The highly experienced and trained faculty of ELIMS is mindful of the fact that traditional approach of teaching through interaction between the Teacher and Students via lecture method has now given way to more student centric teaching pedagogy.

Classrooms Methodologies serves best when they are supplemented by the student participation through interaction with the Teacher. This type of interaction in the class helps the learners to identify their own learning style and grasp the maximum knowledge.
ELIMS believes in delivering active learning experience through an interactive learning process based on a principle of “Blended Learning”.

In Blended Learning methodology ELIMS focus on – use of best possible method of delivering, keeping in mind the complexity of topic and students competency to learn. This Blended learning helps in understanding and learning of regular curriculum in an innovative & effective manner. Thus, Blended Learning at ELIMS, the best MBA colleges in Kerala, embraces two methodologies:

Classrooms Methodologies (for Internal Exposure)

  • LBD (Learning By Doing methodology)
  • Use of Multimedia (power point presentation, audio, videos)
  • Case Studies, Games and Simulations
  • Group Activities and Role Play
  • Guest Lectures
  • Scenario Analysis, Group Discussions, Quiz, one on one discussion
  • Mentoring & coaching

Beyond Classrooms (for External Exposure)

  • Industry Visits
  • Conferences and Seminar
  • Nature learning
  • Internship
  • Workshops
  • Learning Exchange Programs
  • Outbound training
  • Research based Projects

We incorporate multimedia in instructions, industry based cases studies, simulation, and management games. This helps teachers to grab attention, engage learners, explain difficult concepts, and inspire creativity. This helps in the retention of information given in the class.

Industrial Visits

To help student to gain firsthand knowledge of industry, frequent Industrial Visits are arranged to reputed companies. This presents the students with opportunities to plan, organize and engage in active learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.