Course Code Course Title
BUS IC 01 Business Communication
BUS IC 02 Management Theory and Business Ethics
BUS IC 03 Business Laws
BUS IC 04 Organizational Behaviour
BUS IC 05 Environment and Business
BUS IC 06 Managerial Economics
BUS IC 07 Quantitative Techniques
BUS IC 08 Accounting for Managers
Course Code Course Title
BUS 2C 09 Soft Skill Development
BUS 2C 10 Marketing Management
BUS 2C 11 Financial Management
BUS 2C 12 Operations Management
BUS 2C 13 Human Resources Management
BUS 2C 14 Management Science
BUS 2C 15 Management Information Systems
BUS 2C 16 Business Research Methods for Management
Course Code Course Title
BUS 3C 17 Advanced Strategic Management
BUS 3C 18 Strategic Cost Management
BUS 3C 19 Entrepreneurship Development & Project Management
BUS 3C 20 Supply Chain Management
BUS 3C 21 Investment Management
Functional Elective 1
Functional Elective 2
Functional Elective 3
Course Code Course Title
BUS 4C 22 Corporate Governance
BUS 4C 23 International Business
BUS 4C 24 Management Control System
Functional Elective 4
Functional Elective 5
BUS 4C 25 Major Project
BUS 4C 26 Comprehensive Viva Voce