MBA degrees have been around for a long time and have maintained to still be the most popular masters’ programme among graduates. The MBA degree comes with a lot of perks and employment opportunities, advancing careers and lifestyles of graduates. However, there are instances where a MBA degree can be of no value. Is a MBA certificate really worth it for someone with 10 years of work experience? NO! Similarly, you have to consider the following before actually committing to your course to make sure it is worth it. So, here goes…

1) When you don’t know why you want an mba- Sure, the MBA is a big deal and almost everyone is taking MBA after degree, but if you are just running with the crowd with this degree, chances are you are not going to make much out of your masters. And for the same reason, applicants are asked the question “Why MBA?” in their admission interviews at colleges and universities.

2) When you don’t have a clear idea about your career- This, again, aligns with the first reason. The MBA is practically useless if you are still figuring out your career path or the career you are going to pursue is no way in line with the syllabus of MBA. The masters does come with a lot of job prospects but unless you have eye on one, you will be wasting money and time on a degree you don’t even need.

3) When you don’t do your research- There is an array of study options and specialities to choose from in MBA alone, which works for different people that are subjective. From choosing the speciality and programme that will help your career to the internship you have to have it all planned out otherwise by the time you realise you are doing the wrong course, it might be too late. You know what they say, precaution is better than cure!

4) When you have unrealistic expectations- Yes, MBA is a highly qualified and in-demand masters’ degree. They help you get better salary packages and a step-up from your current job. However, many dream of all the riches, travels abroad and turning CEO overnight. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is not how the corporate world works. Although these are not unattainable goals, it takes just as much determination and commitment toward your work to reach them.

5) When you aren’t willing to put the effort in- There is only so much your course can offer you. True, the MBA courses offered in some of the top management colleges in Kerala train students in theoretical and practical real work environment scenarios and additional soft skills training to prepare you for the job market. However, a whole lot of work needs to be put into personal development as well. Finding the best internships and placements are also part of this.

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