College Maintenance Policy

A comprehensive maintenance policy has been formulated for the smooth functioning of the college. This is done with a view that right from the computer systems in the administration section to the computer labs, its printers and UPS and the backup power generator; Electrical, plumping and drinking water facilities; surveillance system – CCTV cameras in the examination halls, in the college building and the campus; Masonry, carpentry, Painting, Gardening, general cleaning and maintenance; website maintenance etc. For any complaints with regard to computer systems, in house assistance is available from the lab attender. When a major repair is required, assistance can be sought from Orange Systemz, with whom we have service arrangement. For UPS related complaints, we have arrangement with Jovins Battery works, Mulanthuruthy.

LCD projectors are installed in most of the lecture halls, seminar halls and auditorium. Any complaints with regard to be reported to the college office and in turn to Allen agencies. For smooth functioning of the college and conducting of University examinations where functioning CCTV cameras are mandatory. Any disruptions may be reported to the college office who will contact Proline systems Ernakulam with whom we have service agreement. Power back up is through Cummins electric power generators with whom we have service agreement. For drinking water, we have water filters and coolers at the main entrance, on the second floor, college annexe entrance and in the canteen.

Any complaints may be reported to the college office and in turn with Mr. Shemin with whom we have service agreement. In case of any break down in electric power system or any plumping repairs, we have service of local Electrician Mr. Mohanan available. For any carpentry assistance, service of Carpenter Manoharan is available. Masonary related complaints may be reported to the college office and in turn to Mason Ismail. College building painting is carried out every year. However for any area requires additional painting work, matter should be reported to college office and in turn Painter Kannan. Gardening work and maintenance is carried out by Gardner Shankar and team. Maintenance is carried out regularly on a bi-monthly basis. Gardner Shankar can be contacted in case of any in between requirement. General cleaning and upkeep of the college, Annexe and auditorium is carried out through M.A. Judson. All waste materials should be segregated at source; decomposable should be put into the pit: Plastic materials should be bundled together and handed over to Panchayat: ignitables should be put to the incinerator at the back of the building.

Authorised persons in college office

  • Ms. Elsy / Ms. Smitha.

Contact Phone Numbers of service providers

  • Computer Systems – Orange Systemz, Ernakulam (7736012315)
  • UPS – Jovins Battery Works, Mulanthuruthy (9895741443)
  • Printers -Futura Automation, Ernakulam (9349098907)
  • Surveillance system – Proline systems, Ernakulam (9037271050)
  • Generator -Sunitha Diesel (9447605626)
  • LCD Projectors – Allen Agencies (9447605626)
  • Water filters and coolers- Shemin (9847406222, 894350341)
  • Electricity KSEB Mulanthuruthy – Phone: 0484 2744789
  • Electrical & Plumping – Mohanan (9847764970)
  • Electric Water pump, Fan-servicing – Ceemer Electric works (9447459466)
  • Web site – Webandmedias (Mayjoy Joseph) – (9995634827)
  • Carpentry – Manoharan (9961747717)
  • Mason – Ismail (6238292031)
  • Painting – Kannan (9847815646)
  • Gardening – Sankar (9847143941)
  • General cleaning and upkeep – MA Judson (9447603522)