Parent Teacher Association

PTA of the college provides a platform for better interaction between teachers and parents which would promote continuous, meaningful and effective teaching and learning process.

Executive Committee


      Aims and Objectives

      • To provide the platform for parents/ guardians, and teachers of students of Nirmala Arts & Science College to meet, exchange, discuss issues, make recommendations, and effectively pursue the implementation of decisions on matters affecting education / learning.
      • To foster mutual understanding, harmonious relationship and cooperation among parents, guardians, and teachers in the fulfillment of their common aim which is the welfare of the College and the students therein.
      • To give scholarship to the needy and deserving students.
      • To purchase books and journals to the college library.
      • To support students for their participation in intercollegiate cultural arts and sports meet.
      • To support the College through raising funds for the benefit of the students.
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