Finishing School

The main aim of the program would be to ascertain fruitful careers of MBA students. Hence, students are given an insight into the techniques adopted by the companies in hiring MBA graduates, so they can be well-prepared and perform well.

Skill Development Training

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Value based behavior
  • Public speaking
  • Skills for the best performance
  • Etiquette & manners
  • Live projects
  • Industry academic interface programmes

Women’s Development Cell

The aim of the Women’s Development Cell is to create social awareness on the various issues faced by female students, teaching and non-teaching staff. It will prevent sexual harassment, increase their confidence level and promote general well-being of women. To help generate a congenial working environment for all the women in the college, regular seminars, workshops and conferences are conducted.

Sports Association

The Sports Association at ELIMS is a bold statement that promotes the fact that sports activities are held in high esteem among students and staff members. While for the students, it is compulsory to join the sports association, the staff can join as honorary members. The college believes that athletic brilliance is as important as academic excellence and this fact is reflected in the quality of athletic programs planned in the college. To ensure qualified coaching, the Principal creates an exclusive committee to manage sports and games programs at the college.

Student Ownership Program (SOP)

The main purpose of the Student Ownership Program would be to connect the life goals of each student to the coursework they choose. The main objectives of the program are:

  • To recognize and guide all the ELIMSians in their respective goals and to help them achieve various milestones of success
  • To create an ambience that goes beyond practical classroom learning
  • To help them rightly interpret their needs and aspirations and to strengthen their responsibility to their community
  • To follow the code of conduct and moral principles adopted by the college